Join the enthusiastic, dynamic and dedicated team at CNBM

We value collaboration, and take the time to find individuals who thrive in a diverse, hard-working team environment.

What we treasure most is our people, treating everyone equally and exploring their individual talent is our pursuit and goal.

What we think much of is the capacity development of personnel. Thus we provide various opportunities and forms for staff training and improvement.

What we provide is not only working opportunities, but also the platform for career development. CNBM International is the confederate of our staff on the way of target realization.

What we rely on for success is high efficient actions based on impactful self-management, clear work flow, powerful IT support, rational structure and friendly internal relationships.

The actualization of all the above expects depends on a working environment with liberalness, generosity and honesty. This is what we dedicate to create.

We’re always happy to hear from committed individuals looking to advance their career in the industry—and we’re open to receiving expressions of interest for future consideration.